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Address: The Yan Tuan Industrial Zone of Anping County, Hebei Province.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS TO GOVERN---These terms and conditions represent the final and complete agreement of the parties and no terms or conditions in any way modifying or changing the provisions stated herein shall be binding upon our company unless made in writing and signed and approved by an officer or other authorized person at our company. No modification of any of these terms shall be modified by our company's shipment of goods following receipt of Buyers purchase order, shipping request or similar forms containing printed terms and conditions additional to or in conflict with the terms herein. If any term, clause or provision is declared to held invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such declaration or holding shall not affect the validity of any other term, clause or provision herein contained.

2. PRICE---Prices quoted, including any transportation charges, are valid for 10 days unless designated as firm for a specific period pursuant to a written quote or written sales acceptance issued or verified by an officer or other authorized personnel of our company. A price designated as firm for a specific period may be revoked by our company if the revocation is in writing and is mailed to the Buyer prior to the time a written acceptance of the price is received by our company. All prices and deliveries are F.O.B. shipping point.Our company reserves the right to cancel orders in the event selling prices which are lower than prices quoted are established by government regulations.

3. TRANSPORTATION---Unless otherwise provided, our company shall use its judgment in determining carrier and routing. In either case, our company shall not be liable for any delays or excessive transportation charges resulting from its selection.

4. PACKING---Unless otherwise provided, our company will comply only with its minimum packing standards for the method of transportation selected. The cost of all special packing, loading or bracing requested by Buyer will be paid for by Buyer. All cost of packing and shipment for Buyer's special equipment shall be paid for by Buyer.

5. PAYMENT TERMS---Payment terms are 1/2% 10, Net 30, with a carrying charge of 1-1/2% per month for payments received after 30 days. The discount applies only to the invoiced value of the material (not to taxes or freight charges).Our company reserves the right to require advance payment or satisfactory security for the goods if the financial condition of Buyer so warrants as determined by our company.If Buyer fails to make payment in accordance with terms of this agreement or any collateral agreement, or fails to comply with any provisions hereof, our company may, at its option (and in addition to other remedies), cancel any unshipped portion of this order. Buyer is to remain liable for all unpaid accounts.

6. TAXES AND IMPORT/EXPORT LICENSES---Prices do not include taxes. Taxes are paid by Buyer upon invoice from our company unless Buyer provides a valid exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authority or unless our company collection of said taxes from Buyer. Import or export licenses are to be secured by Buyer.